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Kinder Mix
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Students will experience creative movement in a dance class. Which explores a wide range of styles, rhythms and free movement in a structured environment. 

Ages 3-5

Taught by Ms. Julia

Primary&Junior Mix

Primary & Junior Mix:

With a mix of Jazz and Hip-hop students will enjoy this fast paced class, with moves that will challenge their co-ordination abilities and skills.

Ages 5 - 10

Taught by Ms. Julia

Musical Theatre
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Musical Theatre:

Students experience the fun of performing through musical theatre classes, while learning combinations from a wide array of dance styles

Ages 7 and up

Taught by: Ms. Karen



Students will enjoy a lively atmosphere as they focus on timing, rhythm, musicality and co-ordination through a combination of tap steps.

Ages 5 and up

Taught by: Ms. Julia (5-7) and Ms. Karen



Students will have a fun and energizing experience. Jazz will help develop the dancers' technique, co-ordination, balance, rhythm, posture, spatial awareness and music appreciation.

Ages 5 - 14

Taught by Ms. Karen



Students will experience well-structured classes, which develop good posture, movement quality, co-ordination, balance, musicality and a sense of line. Ballet is an important basis for all other dance forms. We offer exam classes in R.A.D

Ages 5 and up

Taught by: Ms. Karen and Ms. Melanie


Acro: (Currently unavailable)

This style combines acrobatics with classical dance technique.  Students will work towards developing and mastering balances, tumbling movements, lifts and regular partner work that are unique to the style while safely improving physical strength and challenge individual progression.

Ages 5 and up

Taught by: Ms Melanie

& Pointe

Pre-Pointe & Pointe:

Classes are well-structured. Pointe technique is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes.

Taught by Ms. Melanie



Requires several years of dance experience. Students must be in ballet or jazz class to join a contemporary class. Contemporary style dance includes elements of ballet, jazz and classical modern, with an improvisational feel and expression of emotion.

Taught by Ms. Melanie



Recreational classes focus on technical material and personal progression using a standardized syllabus. Students will learn the required skills for their specific class/level. Although participating in a dance examination may not be the end goal, students will build discipline & an appreciation for dance while overcoming personal challenges and develop new skills.


In graded exam classes students will learn specific elements set out by dance organizations such as the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE (R.A.D. Ballet).  In these classes we prepare them toward examinations where a third party will mark exam candidates on a specified day.  It is not however to say each child will participate in an examination this year.  Not all students in the Grade classes will be ready.  The final decision is left up to their teacher.  Please understand that this decision to participate will be made based on a child’s attendance, as well as their physical, emotional and mental (remembering the exercises) readiness for the examination.  We will not ask a child to participate if we feel it may not be in the child’s best interest.  Please understand that this does not reflect on your child’s learning skills, we just want each child to have a positive experience.  Commitment and daily practice is expected. Extra classes leading up to the exam will be mandatory.

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