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Recreational classes focus on technical material and personal progression using a standardized syllabus. Students will learn the required skills for their specific class/level. Although participating in a dance examination may not be the end goal, students will build discipline & an appreciation for dance while overcoming personal challenges and develop new skills.


In graded exam classes students will learn specific elements set out by dance organizations such as the ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE (R.A.D. Ballet).  In these classes we prepare them toward examinations where a third party will mark exam candidates on a specified day.  It is not however to say each child will participate in an examination this year.  Not all students in the Grade classes will be ready.  The final decision is left up to their teacher.  Please understand that this decision to participate will be made based on a child’s attendance, as well as their physical, emotional and mental (remembering the exercises) readiness for the examination.  We will not ask a child to participate if we feel it may not be in the child’s best interest.  Please understand that this does not reflect on your child’s learning skills, we just want each child to have a positive experience.  Commitment and daily practice is expected. Extra classes leading up to the exam will be mandatory.

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